Mick Fowler 30th anniversary expedition

To mark 30 years of leading expeditions to Asia’s greater ranges this autumn, British mountaineer Mick Fowler will attempt to scale an unclimbed buttress line on Shiva peak in the Indian Himalaya.

A member of the Berghaus climbing team, the taxman/mountaineer will set off for the 6142m peak towards the end of September, accompanied by fellow Berghaus climbers Paul Ramsden, Steve Burns and Ian Cartwright. Contemplating the challenge ahead, Fowler commented: “The buttress line that is our objective is eye catching, unclimbed, challenging, visible from afar, goes direct to the summit and is in a culturally interesting area that I have not visited before. In short, it satisfies all of my perfect climbing criteria.”

Shiva peak is located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and was first climbed by Juno Tabei – the first woman to climb Mount Everest – in 1988; however, Fowler’s climbing team will attempt to scale the opposite side of the mountain, a remote area that had not even been photographed until 2010. During the expedition, Fowler will be kitted out with technical clothing and equipment from Berghaus, and will be putting newly-designed kit to the test. To keep up to date with the latest news from the expedition, visit Berghaus’s website below.


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