'Bongo Bar' premieres at Edinburgh Film Fest

New outdoor film ‘Bongo Bar – Little Big Walling in Arctic Norway’ – which follows the adventures of Dave MacLeod and two amateur climbers as they attempt to put up a new Norweigan climbing route – premiered at the Edinburgh Mountain Festival last weekend.

The short film captures the efforts of MacLeod and Gore-Tex Experience Tour competition winners Helena Robinson and Julia Snhur as they open a route on Blåmann (1044m), the highest mountain on the Norweigan island of Kvaløya. Of the challenge MacLeod commented: “I have a feeling that despite the unpredictable Norwegian climate, Blåmann will be one of the most famous walls in Europe for hard granite big wall climbs in the coming years. It’s a very accessible place and yet really impressive with some of the best granite you’ll find anywhere.”

Filmmaker Paul Diffley followed the team closely as they climbed, but their attempts were hampered by wet cracks on crux overhangs and adverse weather conditions. ‘Bongo Bar – Little Big Walling’ follows Julia and Dave’s successful first free ascent of the route. The film will also be shown at Kendal Mountain Film Festival next month.


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