Montane to sponsor Iceman Polar Race

iceman 1
Outdoor gear manufacturers Montane have signed up to be the lead sponsor of next year’s Iceman Polar Race – a new 150km ski-mountaineering ultra event set deep in the wilderness of Arctic Greenland

Teams of three or four will take to the ice as they battle their way across the world’s largest National Park in Northern Greenland from 13 – 15 April next year. Competitors will ski-haul pulks through sub-zero temperatures, following a route that takes in the world’s largest frozen fjord, dramatic landscapes full of icecaps and glaciers and the Liverpool Land Mountains.

Montane’s Paul Cosgrove explained: “This race will be tough and will raise the bar for ultra distance endurance competitions. The individual will not only be tested physically but will also require the skill of being able to operate in an exceptional Arctic mountain wilderness environment.’’

Entrants can choose to complete the ‘150km Ultra’, ‘100km Extreme’ or ‘100km Adventure’ length courses, all of which end in the remote Inuit village of Ittoqqortoormiit.

Entry is now open.


Photo Credit: Tangent Expeditions

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