Kora release first ever yak-wool baselayers

yak KORA - Copy
Up and coming British outdoor brand Kora have launched the first ever collection of technical yak-wool baselayers.

Claimed to outperform Merino wool by 40% weight for weight, these ethically sourced garments have been designed for active-use and are made from 100% Yak-wool – which Kora have dubbed Hima-Layer. Highly breathable and extremely soft with no coarse fibres, the base layers are said to quickly transmit moisture vapour through the fabric, effectively wicking it away from the skin.

Unlike their wiry top coats, inner layers of fine, insulating wool fibres are grown by yaks seasonally to protect them throughout the Himalayan winter. To ensure these base layers offer high protection from the elements, Kora founder Michael Kleinwort spent months in the Himalaya testing each item, while meeting tribes and nomadic yak-herding communities from where the wool is sourced to ensure its sustainability.

Suitable for both men and women, the collection includes the ShoLa 230 zip-neck top (£105) and ShoLa 230 leggings (£95).


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