On the trail of Genghis Khan

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Adventure travel specialists World Expeditions have noted a 50% rise in Mongolian travel enquiries, 
following the recent UK book tour of expedition guide Tim Cope who has authored a title on the country.

Now available in the UK, his book ‘On the Trail of Genghis Khan: An Epic Journey through the Land of the Nomads’,  follows the World Expeditions guide on a three year adventure which sees him trek 6000 miles from Mongolia to Hungary on a route laid down by the founder of the Mongol Empire.  Travelling by horse, camel and on foot while battling extreme temperatures and at times total isolation, Cope traversed the high ice-capped Altai mountains, the arctic-like wilderness of ‘Starving Steppe’ and travelled across the deserts of Kazakhstan. He then headed along the Black Sea coast on Crimea and over the peaks of the Carpathians to reach the Hungarian plains. Until now, the trail itself had not been successfully completed since Ghengis Khan and his descendants built the largest contiguous empire in history.

To experience the nomadic lifestyle of the Mongolian wilderness, join Tim on an 18 day adventure with World Expeditions next Summer to traverse part of the route.


Photo Credit: Cam Cope

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