New outdoor energy bar launched

battle oats resized
A new oat-based snack bar designed to help sustain the energy levels of trekkers and mountaineers is soon to be launched by sports nutrition experts ICON Nutrition.

Fortified with more than 20 different vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to hydrate and nourish the body, Battle Oats flapjack bars are said to be 100% natural high protein recovery snacks and contain high quantities of dietary fibre. Providing 25% of your daily suggested intake of vitamins C, D and B12 per bar, the oven baked snacks contain over 21g of protein to ensure a slow-release of energy without the need for trans fats or refined sugars.

ICON Nutrition Director, Kevin Smith, said: ‘’Proper nutrition is a constant struggle for many. Battle Oats take the hassle out of thinking about what to consume before or after your workout that tick the right energy and recovery boxes. They also make for a great backpack snack to consume when you’re out trekking or climbing, for example.’’

Available in shops from late December, flavours will include Oats ʻNʼ Honey and Dark Choc Chip.


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