Kenton Cool to climb world's three highest peaks… in three months

Kenton Cool

World-leading high altitude mountaineer Kenton Cool, famous for summiting Mount Everest an astonishing 11 times, is planning to take climbing to new levels of endurance, discipline and capability in his most daring expedition yet: The Himalayan Trilogy.

This is Kenton’s quest for personal excellence and spiritual satisfaction, in what will be one of the most epic feats of human endurance ever accomplished, as he attempts to summit the three highest peaks in the world

– Everest (8,848m), Kanchenjunga (8,586m) and K2 (8,611m) –  in just three months. This is a challenge so great that no man or woman has ever attempted it before.

Legendary Canadian scenic artist John Howe, famous for his enchanting illustrations of J.R.R. Tolkien’s magical worlds, will capture the world’s imagination by depicting Kenton’s battle with the three peaks with a series of artworks. His distinctive style will at once capture both the physical might of mountains, while revealing their mystical and spiritual sides.

This is important for for Kenton, as, for him, this expedition involves a deep understanding of the traditions and customs of local cultures, embracing methods of travel and a passion to inspire others.

“After successfully becoming the first to complete the Everest Triple C

rown (Everest, Lhoste and Nupste in one continuous climb) I began to wonder what more I was capable of. Some people said that I had really pushed the boundaries of human endurance … yet although I found it hard, I thought I could go a step further with the The Himalayan Trilogy, which will be one of the ultimate expressions of high altitude mountaineering.”

– Kenton Cool, High-altitude Mountaineer

Kenton will use his extraordinary journey as a way of connecting with the mountain communities who he’s shared so much with over the past twenty years. The Himalaya is nothing if not for its people, and this unique expedition will be a way of communicating this important element of Kenton’s relationship with the mountains to audiences.

From the diverse world around Kenton, to the people he meets, onto the icy slopes he has to climb – everything will be recorded in stunning hi-fidelity photography and film, and relayed live back to the Himalayan Trilogy’s website, making it a true expedition of the information age.

This limit-pushing world-first will work to create one of the greatest tales in the hi

story of modern adventure, illustrated by a master who’s distinctive style is recognized the world over.

Kenton is also looking to use this exped

ition as a legacy platform to help inspire the next generation of explorers and to demonstrate that nothing is beyond the understanding of anyone.

“Our attitude is the only thing we have control over. My aim is to use this expedition as a platform to inspire more people to get out and be active, while encouraging people to be the best that they can be, whatever their chosen arena.”

– Kenton Cool, High-altitude Mountaineer

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