Steck finishes 82 Summits

Jungfrau, Berner Alpen, Kanton Bern, Schweiz; Climber: Ueli Steck

Yesterday (August 11) Ueli Steck completed his latest project which was to climb the 82 alpine 4,000m peaks.

The Swiss alpinist announced it on Facebook this morning with the following post: “Yesterday we finished the 82 Summits.I am super exited. The morning yesterday started with a 3.5h detour. I missed the trail in the dark and i run up the wrong valley. Around 8.00 am i was back down at the Parking to start again, this time in the daylight and with already a good warmup! Climbing les Ecrins was just great, nice conditions. Today we heading down to Ceuse to celebrate and to see if we still can hold on on steep Limestone. I am still super psyched, i could move on…. lets see what comes next!”

More to follow…


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