Mick Fowler eyes another first ascent in west Nepal


Mick Fowler on Shiva in 2012

That man is at it again! British mountaineer Mick Fowler has revealed plans for another first ascent in the Himalaya. In an expedition sponsored by Berghaus, Fowler will make an attempt on an unclimbed 6,000m peak in far west Nepal. Along with regular climbing partner Paul Ramsden and a support team of Steve Burns and Ian Cartwright, he will leave the UK at the end of the month and expects to complete the climb around the third week of October.

Mick Fowler and Paul Ramsden are planning to attempt a route on the north face of a mountain, from a valley that has never been visited by westerners. Fowler comments: “What we do know is that, when Google Earth is set at the right time of day, the shadow of one of the north faces in this valley is longer than all the others in the area. We take that as a good sign. Surely it can only mean that it is the steepest and biggest around?”

Twice winners of the Piolet d’Or Award, Mick Fowler and Paul Ramsden have achieved many first ascents during their climbing career and they have a reputation for seeking out dramatic objectives in remote parts of the Himalaya. Both climbers have to fit in their adventures around full-time jobs, completing expeditions during their holidays.

Fowler adds: “We will climb pure Alpine style, which means that we will accept the true challenge of the mountain and not use fixed ropes, bolts or siege tactics. The mountain will be left as we find it, with no trace of our passing.”

During their expedition, Fowler and Ramsden will test the latest kit from Berghaus’ Extrem range, including prototypes of new developments scheduled to be launched in autumn/winter 2016. Mick Fowler’s latest blog, anticipating the adventure ahead, can be found here.




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