Youngest Brit to complete solo South Pole trek

Luke Robertson

30-year-old Luke Robertson from Edinburgh has completed a solo, unassisted and unsupported expedition to the South Pole, skiing across Antarctica for 39 days, becoming the youngest Brit and first Scot to complete such a journey.

Robertson reached the South Pole at 2.30am after spending 39 days alone, dragging 130kg of equipment for 730 miles across snow and ice, with temperatures plummeting below -50C and winds reaching 100mph.

Robertson has been raising funds which will be donated to Marie Curie, a cause close to him as he’s witnessed first-hand the work of Marie Curie Nurses, having a pacemaker fitted following heart problems in his early twenties and one year ago undergoing surgery to remove a suspected brain tumour which turned out to be an extremely large and rare cyst. The money will help Marie Curie to care for people living with terminal illness and their families.

Luke has surpassed his original fundraising target and has set his sights on raising £100,000 for Marie Curie. He has already raised over £45,000 and hopes his achievement will encourage more people to donate ahead of the Great Daffodil Appeal, which is Marie Curie’s biggest annual fundraising campaign in March.