Featured Trek: Climb Mt Elbrus, with Adventure Consultants


Elbrus is a giant dormant volcano that separates Europe from Asia. It has become one of the coveted Seven Summits as it is the highest peak in Europe at 5,642m.

Being relatively high, Elbrus certainly demands respect and we approach this by climbing to higher elevations each day during our acclimatisation phase whilst sleeping at lower elevations at night. A cable car takes us up to accommodation at the base of the climb where you can learn basic snow and ice techniques from the guides prior to the ascent. The summit day entails climbing long snow slopes with views over the wooded valleys to the surrounding peaks.

Elbrus is an appropriate objective as your first or second of the Seven Summits.

Dates: Trip 1 Jul 11 – 24, 2016   Price: EUR4500
Dates: Trip 2 Jul 25 – Aug 5, 2016   Price: EUR4100
More info: www.adventureconsultants.com