Featured trek: Great Wall of China, with Expedition Wise


Like a dragon in slumber, the Great Wall of China winds across deserts, plateaus, mountains & grasslands and is the longest ever structure built by humans.

Our Great Wall of China Trek starts on the ancient wall of Badaling before continuing on to the different sections, providing each day with extensive views of the incredible wall itself and surrounding mountains.

The 5-day trek will cover 44km and will finish with a full day to explore Beijing, visit the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven, take part in a traditional Tea Ceremony and taste the delights of the night food market. Your accommodation on the trek will be hotel and lodges.

This is an ‘open challenge’ so you can take part whilst raising money for a charity of your choice or simply for the amazing personal experience and achievement.

Join us in 2017 and experience what it is like to trek the Great Wall of China – an experience not to be missed!

*We pride ourselves in taking small group sizes that are guaranteed to run to maximize the experience for participants.*

Dates: October 14–22, 2017

Duration: 9 days including travel

Price: £1935 (including international flights)

More info: www.expeditionwise.com