British Mountain Guide skis entire length of Norway

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British Mountain Guide Tania Noakes has completed a 2500km traverse of Norway on skis, raising funds for the Ulysses Trust. Starting at Lindesnes and finishing 2533km away at Norkapp (North Cape), the most northerly point of Europe, Tania skied for 83 days and a total of 566 hours of skiing, completely unsupported and without the use of mechanical transport.

We spoke to Tania a few days ago and asked her about the charity she was raising funds for: “The Ulysses Trust are a charity that provide a source of funding for Cadets and Reservists to undertake challenging adventurous training. I was in the Regular Army for five years before leaving to train to become and IFMGA Mountain guide. Since leaving I continued to work with the Army Reserves planning and leading adventurous training expeditions for young people in the Officer Training Corps at Universities. I have seen first hand the positive effect on character development that adventure in the outdoors can have, particularly with young people.

Among the challenges Tania faced on her epic journey were temperatures as low as -40 degrees C and difficult and sometimes treacherous snow conditions: “At Abisko about two thirds of the way on my journey I encountered deep unconsolidated sugar snow which was soul-destroying to try and trailbreak through. It took me two and a half hours to cover 2km and ripped the front part of both boots from the sole.”

Tania has nearly reached her fundraising target of £10,000, and we think her incredible efforts warrant the public’s support in reaching this figure – so please consider donating at

Read out full interview with Tania HERE.

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