Hilleberg: Talking tents with Jonathan Ronzio

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Jonathan Ronzio and his brother started a video production company when the two were in their teens and built it into a large, profitable entity. But Jonathan wanted to let his love of adventure and the outdoors take the lead, so, after a year of planning, he and two friends bought one-way tickets to South America with an ambitious mission: climb Aconcagua in Argentina and Denali in Alaska, volunteer in every country between the two peaks, and produce a documentary of the adventure.

‘Between the Peaks’ won Best Feature Documentary at Mountainfilm Festival and provided Jonathan the motivation to build his life around his passions for the outdoors, adventure, and sharing his and others’ stories in order to, as he puts it, “try to help people discover the confidence to escape comfortability and chase their own unconventional dreams while positively impacting the world along the way.” Based on his concept of “meaningful adventures,” Jonathan started his Explore Inspired blog, where he shares adventure advice and motivation, as well as resources for would-be adventurers. He co-hosts The Stokecast, a podcast showcasing the stories of adventurers, story tellers, artists and entrepreneurs and how they have built their lives on their terms, and he is a sought-after speaker. He volunteers and works with non-profits, and created his own non-profit, Between the Peaks, to “inspire kids to chase their biggest dreams while making a difference.”

Learn more about Jonathan Ronzio: https://jonathanronzio.com
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