The Lockdown Q&A – #4: Florian Reichert

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As we all continue to live with restrictions on our outdoor activities, we talk to some of the world’s best mountaineers and mountain athletes about what they are doing to stay fit and focused during the Covid crisis. Next up is Florian Reichert, mountain runner and Arc’teryx athlete…

Where are you, and with whom, during lockdown?
I’m based in Tegernsee, in the south of Germany, very close to the Austrian border. Luckily, I moved down here six months ago, so I’m caught up with my fiancé in one of the most beautiful regions of the country.

Are you able to get out into the hills/mountains/outdoors, or are you restricted to your home and immediate vicinity?
I go out and train in the mountains every day. The good thing about running is that you’re outside all the time and don’t necessarily need a partner. However, I try not to do any alpine stuff or sketchy ridges, but stick to well-known trails and easy scrambling.

Are you training/exercising at home, and if so, how?
I do yoga twice a week, a habit I took up from my girlfriend. Otherwise, I’m pretty lazy at the moment.

What are you looking forward to most when restrictions are lifted?
Getting out in the alpine and running and climbing higher mountains again is something I’m really looking forward to. And in general, the freedom to travel again to go and visit family and friends.

Name a book and/or film you’d recommend to help keep our readers motivated/entertained during lockdown?
I’m currently reading ‘Beware the claws that catch Alice’ by Christina Henry. It’s a fun and very entertaining adaption of the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ story.

How do you anticipate the Covid-19 situation affecting your future plans and activities, and what – if any – changes do you think you’ll need to make?
For this year, almost all of the trailrunning races I had signed up for have been cancelled: Zegama-Aizkorri Skyrace, Zugspitz Ultratrail, Stubai Ultratrail, Retezat Skyrace in Rumania, Rosengarten Skyrace in South Tyrol… There’s a question mark over whether Transalpine Run will take place later this year, but I don’t know yet. However, I think in general I’m not too affected, and neither will my future. I just love to be outside a lot – alone of with my partner – so there’s no need to change that much.

Can you supply a photo of either a) you keeping busy at home during the lockdown or b) in the mountains during happier times, and describe the image in a few words?
I picked one from one of my latest runs around my home mountains.

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