Competition: 10 pairs of SAXX Hot Shot Boxer Briefs up for grabs!

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Summer in the UK is a great time to be out and about in the mountains, but the warmer weather can pose problems when it comes to staying cool and comfortable – especially ‘downstairs’.

That’s where SAXX’s new Hot Shot Boxer Briefs come in; not only do they give you the patented BallPark technology that keeps your Crown Jewels organised and prevents chafing, they also prevent you from over-heating thanks to DropTemp technology.

Sweat is good, but not when it’s stuck next to your skin. DropTemp wicks sweat quicker by using a unique structure to move moisture off your skin and keep you cool; and unlike chemical cooling treatments the Hot Shots keep working no matter how many times you use or wash them.

As well as Droptemp technology to keep you cool, each pair of SAXX briefs comes with some key features to keep you comfortable when active outdoors.
Ballpark Pouch: What you put in your pants is important. That’s why each pair of SAXX Underwear comes equipped with the BallPark Pouch. Designed to reduce friction, this patented piece of internal tech keeps your man-parts in place. Thanks to its 3D construction, the BallPark Pouch is perfectly formed to fit your anatomy. You can think of it like a super-soft lockbox – it’ll keep your boys cozy and secure.
Flat Out Seams: Counter to conventional methods, SAXX reverse the stitching of their seams, placing the flatter, softer side against the body, giving improved comfort.

For a chance of winning a pair of SAXX Hot Shot Boxer Briefs worth £30, answer the easy question below:

What is the name of the cooling technology found in the SAXX Hot Shot Boxer Briefs?

A. DropTemp
B. DropDead
C. DropMic


Competition closes on 30th September 2021, and winners will be contacted by 15th October 2021. Good luck!


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