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Scrambling on more serious terrain that requires the use of climbing gear is fantastic practice for classic alpine mountaineering, as well as being brilliant fun in itself, but putting together a rack for the first time can be perplexing for newcomers. What rope should you get, what sort of passive protection do you need, and just how many slings, carabiners and quickdraws are necessary?

DMM, the Llanberis, North Wales-based climbing hardware manufacturer have come to the rescue with the launch of their new Standard and Deluxe Scrambling packs. Featuring a 30m rope, plus a carefully-chosen selection of slings, quickdraws, carabiners and nuts, the Standard Pack is the ideal starter rack that can be added to later, and gives you a saving on the individual components. For even more flexibility and options for placing protection on routes, the Deluxe pack adds two Dragon Cams, three Torque nuts and a bigger selection of quickdraws and ‘biners for £495. Let’s take a closer look at the Standard Scrambling Pack, which one lucky reader will be receiving in a few weeks!



 Wallnut 1-11 on Aero straight gate
A set of Wallnuts provides lightweight and versatile protection for when you need to rope up, build a belay, or climb a pitch. Racked on an Aero straight gate biner, which features a clean nose to prevent snagging.

 2 x 60cm extendable Spectre 2 quickdraws
A highly versatile quickdraw. The extendable 60cm sling lets you extend placements to reduce rope drag on wandering lines and changes of direction. The sling also lets you use naturally-occurring anchors as protection.

An extra Rhino carabiner, useful for Italian hitches.

 Aero Screwgate
A spare Aero that can be used as a secure connection point in belays or on runners.

 Nutbuster on Aero straight gate
The Nutbuster is an invaluable tool for retrieving stubborn placements made by the leader, or for deconstructing belays when following them up a pitch. Comes on an Aero straight gate for easy racking.


 Crux 9.1mm
30m of DMM’s triple-rated, dry-treated Crux gives you a versatile tool for moving together, protecting tricky pitches, and making abseil descents. The UIAA Dry treatment keeps the Crux light and supple in wet or cold weather, making it an ideal scrambling rope.

 2 x 120cm 11mm slings with Aero screwgates
A lightweight Dynatec sling that can be draped over or wrapped around naturally occurring features like rock spikes and threads for protection.

 240cm 11mm sling with Aero screwgate
This long sling lets you use bigger natural features as protection, and can be used to create a single central connection point in a multi-anchor belay.

 Mantis and Rhino
This belay set combines DMM’s Mantis belay device with the Rhino carabiner. This gives you a high performance, lightweight device that’ll give confidence when belaying and abseiling, combined with a carabiner that encourages optimal loading and gives smooth rope control.

 2 x 18cm Spectre 2 quickdraws
An 18cm quickdraw is a good option for parts of the route that follow a straighter line.

Entering this month’s competition is easy; just answer the following question:

Where are DMM products manufactured?

A. North Wales
B. North Korea
C. North Dakota


Entries must be received by 20th July 2017 and the winner will be notified by 30th July.

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