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Nikwax CEO Nick Brown talks about sustainability

At the recent OutDoor trade show in Friedrichshafen, British company Nikwax had a number of announcements centred around their commitment to producing sustainable products and becoming a carbon-neutral business. 

Nick Brown, Nikwax CEO who started the company in 1977 spoke at length about his aims for the business moving forward, and the changing attitudes of its customers “As consumers become more aware of the environmental challenges, they will become selective about which brands they support. They will want the brands they choose to have a history that they can be proud of, combined with the ability to invent new and greener solutions to the practical problems of life”.

In Nikwax’s 40th year, they are proud to finish 2017 contributing to protect even more tropical forest, through EOCA and World Land Trust. Nikwax has encouraged the growth of enough vegetation to completely balance all their operational carbon emissions since their start, 40 years ago. The forest they restore sucks the CO2 they emit back into the atmosphere, maintaining their commitment to conserving the natural world. Nikwax continues to take the lead in encouraging other brands to step away from the use of toxic chemicals, like PFCs. By providing PFC-free waterproofing technology, Nikwax has enabled brands to be able to join the Greenpeace Detox campaign, which aims to remove hazardous chemicals from the textile supply chain. Forward-looking brands are now using Nikwax PFC-free Hydrophobic Down in their sleeping bags and jackets. Páramo use Nikwax for their waterproofing systems. Most brands recommend Nikwax aftercare to support their PFC-free waterproof systems.

The award-winning BaseFresh

There were a number of new products launched at the show, including BaseFresh which won an OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD in the category “Sustainable Innovation”. BaseFresh is an advanced laundry conditioner for all next-to-skin technical base layers, underwear and wicking clothing designed to be worn next to the skin which deodorises, inhibits the build-up of body odours, makes fabrics dry faster and therefore cools more efficiently, reducing the need to sweat.

Recognising people’s comfort outdoors is not just about keeping water out of clothing, BaseFresh is part of Nikwax’s new Sweatproofing family of products. The range also includes BaseWash, Wool Wash and Sandal Wash, expertly designed to clean and condition next-to-skin technical clothing, extending the useful life of garments with no loss performance.


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