Rab launch ‘We Are Rab’ video and new strapline

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We Are Rab from Rab on Vimeo.

Rab have launched a new video re-defining their brand message – and they’ve also unveiled a new strapline to replace the long running ‘for the most extreme conditions in the world’. ‘The Mountain People’ is the new brand message, and this is reflected in the shared mountain experiences featured in the video, and their mission statement below.

“Rab specialise in making rugged, high-performance mountain clothing and equipment. Nothing fancy or over-engineered – just honest hard working pieces that you’d rather repair than replace. More than 30 years since our founding our products have evolved but our core values have remained the same.

“Our inspiration still comes from the mountains we climb and the friendships we forge along the way. From the people who design, make and test each item, to those that have grown up loving and wearing Rab, The Mountain People embodies what we are most passionate about. These are the stories and experiences that make us unique, the ones we write every time we step outside. Rab’s journey is your story and ours.”

Look out for (and use!) the new tag #WeAreRab when on social media and of course for the latest product ranges head over to www.rab.equipment

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