Top 5 Outdoor Apps

We’ve seen an influx of outdoor apps lately at Trek&Mountain, here are our top 5 – all suitable for Android and iOS.

Free app EveryTrail is an interactive map and guidebook for hiking routes which uses your phone’s mobile data connection and GPS to monitor your position on a trail. A hands-free audio guide provides key information on nearby points of interest.

With so much to remember and tons of kit to store when setting off into the mountains, we thought the Backpacking Checklist app would also come in handy. Pre-loaded with 250 ideas of what to take on your travels, the 69p app seems like it could save a lot of time on the packing process. Lists can be edited and customised to include different trip types or sections for specialist equipment.

Knowledge of First Aid is another essential out on the hills, GotoAID First Aid Lite gives users basic step-by-step instructions for dealing with cuts, burns, breaks and similar emergencies. Other tips include disaster preparedness strategies and emergency contact numbers. Free.

Novelty app PeakScanner allows users to identify nearby peaks by holding their phone’s camera up to the landscape. The app adds the name of all mountains within range to the viewfinder, and also displays their elevation and current distance away. Price: £1.49.

Last up, free app Survival Guide is based on the U.S Military Survival Manual and provides information on survival planning, water procurement, building shelters and harsh weather survival. Photo references of edible and poisonous plants and dangerous animals are also featured.


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