Edelrid to launch world’s thinnest rope

German outdoor brand Edelrid are soon to introduce the world’s thinnest ever single climbing rope.

Available in stores next month, the ultra thin triple-rated Corbie rope measures 8.6mm and weighs in at 51g/m. Features include a Dry Shield hydro and oleo-phobic finish, which Edelrid claim makes the rope resistant to moisture and dirt, and a Thermo Shield heat treatment to help shrink the rope’s fibres, making it more compact and supple. Priced at £190 for 60m, the award-winning Corbie has been reinforced using Edelrid’s Pro Shield finishing process which helps to bond microscopic Teflon particles with the yarns to provide a protective layering, which is said to improve the rope’s load bearing properties.

A spokesperson for Edelrid said: ‘’Suitability for use in a single, double or twin configuration is a result of Edelrid’s proprietary braided core construction, which functions as a rope within a rope. The incredible strength of this construction allows even very thin ropes, such as the Corbie, to pass the certification norms for a single rope, whilst also remaining lightweight.’’


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