SkyWay Monte Bianco officially open

The new cable car which runs from Courmayeur in the Aosta Valley to Punta Helbronner (3,462m) on the Italian side of Mont Blanc is now officially open.

Construction of the €110m cable car began in April of 2012 and replaces the 58-year-old Helbronner cable car. It will be open year round, providing access to mountaineering routes as well as off-piste skiing opportunities including the Vallée Blanche.

The cabins provide 360º views and rotate as they ascend and descend. At the top you can enjoy food and drink in the bar and restaurant and take in Mont Blanc from the viewing terrace. At the mid-station, Pavillon du Mont Fréty (2,200m), you’ll find an alpine botanical garden and conference hall, as well as a restaurant and a network of walking paths.

The new departure station was built from scratch and is located next to the Mont Blanc Tunnel entrance on the Italian side.


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