New Keen Ridge Flex boot incorporates innovative bellows technology

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American footwear brand Keen have always been known for comfort, and their new Ridge Flex boot features the company’s latest technological development – ‘bellows’ technology – to add yet another feature that enhances comfort for wearers.

KEEN.BELLOWS.FLEX is a innovative solution to an age-old problem. When the foot is in motion, there’s a critical moment when the foot compresses and we roll onto our toes. This area of the forefoot also happens to be where boots can fail after years of heavy use. By adding an accordion-like bellows to that friction point, KEEN.BELLOWS FLEX moves with you. It flexes easier and lasts longer.

This bellows technology is built into two new models of Keen footwear – the Tempo Flex range of trainers and mids and the Ridge Flex line of waterproof hiking boots and shoes. The Ridge Flex line in particular will be of interest to Trek & Mountain readers, with the rugged build, waterproof performance and grippy sole making them ideal for extended hikes on mountain trails. The Ridge Flex is available in both low (shoe) and mid (boot) versions, and there’s several different colourways for men and women.

“We took the trusted fit and stability of our iconic hiker and added KEEN.BELLOWS FLEX in the forefoot and heel to create a waterproof hiking boot that flexes with every toe roll and ankle articulation,” say Keen. “When flex-tested against similar boots in the hiking category, the Ridge Flex with KEEN.BELLOWS FLEX in the forefoot and heel required 60% less energy to bend. The result: a more efficient stride that feels easier. It’s a rugged leather hiker that doesn’t feel stiff — great for those who want to go farther on thru-hikes and day hikes.”

We’ll be testing the Ridge Flex boot this spring so look out for an in-depth review in Trek & Mountain mag soon, and in the meantime take a look at the range online at

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