About the magazine

Trek & Mountain is a magazine for anyone who has a passion for the mountains, whether you consider yourself a hillwalker, trekker, scrambler, mountaineer, alpinist, climber or ski tourer – in fact, you may be all of these! In every issue of Trek & Mountain we aim to give you an inspiring and enlightening mix of editorial, including expedition reports and destination guides from around the world, in-depth reviews of the latest outdoor gear, and expert advice on all aspects of trekking and mountaineering. Whether you are doing your first trek to Kilimanjaro, or attempting an 8,000m peak in the Himalayas, ticking off the Alpine 4,000ers or enjoying classic routes in the UK, there is something for you in every issue of Trek & Mountain!

Whether planning their first trek up Kili, their first ascent of Mont Blanc, or their first high altitude climb in the Himalayas, all our readers have one thing in common – they’re obsessed with mountains! Training and learning are big themes in Trek & Mountain, with our readers hungry for the knowledge that will allow them to take on ever more ambitious objectives. Everyone has their own limits and ambitions of course, but whatever our readers aspire to – whether it’s hiking a long-distance trail, or getting to the top of an 8000m peak, we do our best to help them achieve their goals.

Providing advice and information on mountain activities is a serious business, and we use qualified mountain professionals to make sure the information in the pages of Trek & Mountain is trustworthy. Our writers range from qualified Mountain Guides and Mountaineering Instructors, to experienced expedition leaders, doctors and guidebook authors – all people who are all able to write authoritatively about the subjects they are covering. Some of our regular contributors include Andy Kirkpatrick, Tim Mosedale, Rhys Jones, Jon Gupta, Stephen Venables, Alun Richardson, Paul Lewis, Raj Joshi, Paul Smith, Will Legon, James Thacker, Richard McLaughlin and Ryan Waters.