Walk celebrates 50 years of Mountain Training

50 years of Mountain Training

To mark the 50th anniversary of Mountain Training, the UK’s awarding body for recognised awards in walking, climbing and mountaineering, a classic walk with representatives of the organisation and others was in order.

Rab Carrington, Chair of Mountain Training and founder of the outdoor clothing company Rab, led the well-attended walk up Kinder Scout in the Peak District. Among the walkers were representatives from the BMC, Mountain Training Association (MTA) and Thornbridge Outdoors. The walk from Edale followed the Grindsbrook valley to the summit plateau and down via Jacob’s Ladder, finishing in The Cheshire Cheese Inn in the Hope Valley.

Rab commented: “Today’s walk brought together all of the aspects which make mountaineering so wonderful; beautiful scenery, great company and a common goal. We now move on to the next 50 years with exciting new awards which are designed to meet the needs of the next generation of walkers, climbers and mountaineers.”

Throughout the walk there was discussion about the future of outdoor activities such as walking, climbing and mountaineering. As technology evolves and knowledge improves, training must be kept current and applicable to the trends and changes in techniques in outdoor sport.

BMC Hill Walking Development Officer Carey Davies said: “The partnership between the BMC and Mountain Training has been indispensable over the years and continues to evolve.”

“Both organisations are working together to expand their reach beyond their ‘traditional’ audience and stay relevant, and I am excited by the possibilities this represents for the future. For example the new Hill and Mountain Skills courses are aimed at giving beginner walkers the confidence and self-reliance to explore the wild spaces of the uplands.”

Anyone interested in gaining a qualification or doing a Hill & Mountain Skills course (designed specifically for beginner and novice hill walkers) will need to register with Mountain Training. More information can be found on their website: www.mountain-training.org

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