Garmin launches new GPS smart watches

Garmin have launched their most advanced activity watches yet, the fēnix 3 and epix, featuring GPS, altimeter, and much more.

Designed for almost any outdoor activity, from trail running to kayaking, these smart devices can aid training routines, and help you perform on the mountain, in the air, or the water. Both watches can connect to a smartphone, and give notifications on your wrist (if you would like). The watches can monitor your activities using GPS and an altimeter. For skiing, mountaineering or running, you can record your run, monitor your pace and view the elevation profile.


The fēnix 3

The fēnix 3:

“The most uncompromising GPS sport Watch from Garmin® yet”

This watch is available in silver with a red band, grey with a black band, or the premium sapphire version with a stainless steel band. The fēnix 3 is packed with advanced training features, and can act as your personal coach. When paired with a heart rate monitor, the watch can calculate an estimate of your VO2 max, giving you a representation of your fitness level.

In running mode, the “Auto-Run-Climb” feature automatically presents you with relevant information, whether you’re running on the flat or ascending. Ski/Board mode puts speed, distance, vertical descent and an automatic run counter while on the slopes. For everyday life, the watch can count your steps, and monitor calories and distance throughout the day. the fēnix 3 can also be set to vibrate after an hour of inactivity, or monitor the quality of rest at night.

The fēnix 3 is equipped with a full navigational tool kit, allowing you to plan trips, set waypoints, mark points of interest, and record a GPS breadcrumb trail that can be retraced if bad weather arrives.

The fēnix 3 retails for around £369.99, or £449.99 for the premium Sapphire model.


The epix

The epix:

“The first Garmin Hands-free Navigator with detailed Mapping”

The epix watch features a 1.4″ colour touch-screen display, allowing you to quickly scroll through menus or easily browse maps stored on the watch. The watch comes ready with maps in 44 countries across europe, a worldwide shaded relief map, and a free one-year subscription to BirdsEye satellite imagery.

Using a high-sensitivity steel EXO antenna with GPS and GLONASS support, which offers a stronger signal and quicker fix, this watch has a full suite of well-proven navigation features. Track recording & navigation, and waypoint navigation help you to stay on heading and review your journey. If lost, it offers users the TracBack feature to safely navigate back to their starting point.

Equipped with auto-calibrating sensors, epix provides relevant real-time information right from your wrist. The altimeter gives elevation data to accurately monitor ascent and descent, while the barometer can be used to predict weather changes by showing short-term changes in air pressure.

In addition to the navigation features, epix is also a full-featured fitness training watch, so you don’t need to change watches between activities. With different profiles for running, cycling, swimming, skiing, trail running and indoor training, it can record distance, pace, speed, calories burned, and more. When paired with a heart rate monitor, epix can estimate your VO2 max, and provide a recovery check after intense workouts. This watch can also record advanced running dynamics, including cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time to improve your running economy.

Just like the fēnix 3, this watch can connect to your smartphone to make use of ConnectIQ apps. These apps can further help to increase fitness by monitoring your progress.

The epix should retail around £419.99.

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