New long-distance trail across Caucasus Mountains

Transcaucasian Trail

The Transcaucasian Trail is a new ambitious trail across the Caucasus Mountains from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea which is being developed by a growing community of outdoor enthusiasts, mappers, and conservationists.

The trail connects national parks and culturally significant sites of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Many sections of the trail have been used for centuries by shepherds and explorers, travelling from village to village across the great valleys and passes of the Greater and Lower Caucasus Mountains. The Transcaucasian Trail will restore, maintain and connect the deteriorated historic routes to allow hikers to safely journey across one uninterrupted path.

The trail supports sustainable tourism and rural development while preserving the Caucasus’ rich cultural heritage. “The trail will help build connections between communities, ecosystems, and people in a region where there is too much focus on the things that divide,” says Jeff Haack, one of visionaries of the Transcaucasian Trail.

Paul Stephens, a project leader, say, “The Transcaucasian Trail will not only raise the profile of the region and some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes but will undoubtedly become as iconic as the Great Himalayan, Appalachian or Inca Trails and a must do for any hiking and nature lover!”

Guided hiking experiences across several sections of the Transcaucasian Trail can be arranged with Go Barefoot Travel.