The highest peak in Africa and one of the Seven Summits

Just why is Kili so popular, and one of the first names on the ‘to do’ lists of trekkers all around the world? Well, it’s one of the Seven Summits for a start, so a successful climb up Kili means you ‘only’ have six other (admittedly some infinitely more serious) peaks to climb to complete your collection. Then there’s the romance and history of the mountain, from Hemingway’s Snows Of Kilimanjaro to Messner’s Breach Wall Direct route which he described as one of the most dangerous climbs he’d ever done. But its the position and size of the mountain that is perhaps the most alluring reason to climb Kili. Rising up from the plains of eastern Africa, the largest free-standing mountain in the world makes for a jaw-dropping sight from afar – and the view from the top isn’t bad either. When you top out as the sun rises in the distance, you truly feel on the ‘roof of Africa’ with the endless views disappearing across the plains in every direction. Make no mistake, though Kili may not be a technical climb in mountaineering terms, the feeling you get when standing on its summit is one of the best mountain experiences you can have.

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