Gore-Tex to launch non-waterproof/breathable Infinium range

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In a surprise move (in light of their name being synonymous with waterproof clothing) Gore-Tex have announced the launch of a non-waterproof/breathable range of products in 2018.

Called ‘Infinium’, the range will be distinguishable for the consumer by a white diamond logo on the new products rather than the standard black logo used on their waterproof/breathable products. So good, so far – but what are the products that will be available and what does Infinium stand for? This from the Gore-Tex press office: “Infinium is an entirely new class of apparel, footwear and accessories. Infinium products will be for those who like to be active and whose top priority is functional clothing. Using its extensive knowledge of “comfort science” and how the human body reacts in concert with different climate demands, Gore has developed innovative new product technologies for specific activities and users, while also offering them a performance upgrade that does not need to be waterproof.”

Cutting through the jargon, as we understand it Gore-Tex Infinium will be a range of footwear, soft-lined shells, insulated garments and stretch gloves produced by Gore-Tex themselves (rather than supplying outdoor brands with the raw materials), much in the same way they introduced Gore Bike Wear into the cycling market. Whether their ‘new technologies’ provide anything new to what is already available on the market we don’t know yet, but as we get more details we will update this story.




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