Tour du Mont Blanc

One of the world's greatest treks takes hikers around Western Europe's highest peak

The Tour du Mont Blanc is on most trekkers’ bucket lists, and consistently features in Top 10 lists (it was voted number 3 in our Top 100 Treks poll last year – Ed) for the most visually stunning long-distance hike in the world. The ‘TMB’, as it’s known, means many things to many people; for some it’s a hotel-to-hotel hike with minibus-supported baggage transfers; for others it’s a hut-to-hut trek, while a minority backpack it or even run the loop. At one end of the scale, it can take two full weeks when walking it slowly, while the speed record stands at just over 20 hours of continuous running.

Most hikers walk the route anti-clockwise, starting at Les Houches near Chamonix, though of course you can walk the circuit in a clockwise direction if you wish, and also start/end at any point along the route too. The advantage of also going anti-clockwise is that you will not keep passing hikers coming in the other direction, and you can sometimes walk all day without seeing another hiker. 

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