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Website: www.edelweissropes.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/edelweissropes

Edelweiss has accompanied the pioneers of mountaineering and climbing by making ropes to match their ambitions.

For the pursuits of high-level mountaineering, recreational climbing, or safety at work Edelweiss is an ever-present. The brand is synonymous with all modern vertical activities. For this, Edelweiss has developed a wide range of products. Extensive experience, punctuated by innovations and a constant quest for quality, allows Edelweiss to be a key player in the world of verticality.

Edelweiss technologies such as Unicore and Everdry improve safety and security in even in the wettest and most dangerous of situations. Unicore technology bonds the rope sheath and core to eliminate slippage in the event of the sheath becoming cut or torn, meaning the user may escape the situation by either descent or ascent while taking the necessary precautions. Everdry rope treatments prevent the rope from becoming waterlogged, encourages quicker drying and averts stiffening due to freezing. Supereverdry technology has been awarded a UIAA safety accreditation.

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