WIN! Sea to Summit Comfort Plus sleeping mats worth £180 each

Sea to Summit’s range of sleeping mats is one of the most advanced on the market, and features ultra-lightweight summer models through to insulated cold-weather mats. In this issue’s competition, we have three of their Comfort Plus Insulated Sleeping Mats, which incorporate some really special features to keep you warm and comfortable at night.

The dual layer construction of the Comfort Plus mats provide an incredibly effective system for fine-tuning the level of comfort when camping in cold conditions. The two independent high-resolution cell layers give excellent support by distributing your body weight and shape over more cells, and the two layers are also offset for more uniform insulation and cushioning.

Comfort Plus Insulated Mat

Because the two layers can be pressurised independently, the top layer can be inflated to your personal comfort, while maintaining a high-pressure base layer for protection from rough or uneven terrain. Both layers can be adjusted independently using the fine tune valve to get just the right level  of softness and support. T he mats use Exkin Platinum,a quiet non-woven fabric, to reflect radiant heat loss back to the user and Thermolite insulation to prevent convective heat loss between your body and the ground. Like other mats in the Sea to Summit range, independent chambers allow the mattress to function even if one of the layers is punctured.

The origins of Sea to Summit can be traced back to the early eighties. Having summited Everest in 1984, Australian adventurer Tim Macartney-Snape was lecturing in Perth when Roland Tyson approached him for some advice on planning a trip to cross the Himalaya, and a friendship was born. When Tim began planning his unprecedented climb of Everest in 1990, starting from the sea on the Bay of Bengal, he asked Roland to make him some lightweight equipment for the trip, and Sea to Summit – the brand – was born. The rest, as they say, is history!

To enter the competition, just answer the following question:

Q: Whose ‘Everest-from-sea- level’ expedition was Sea to Summit’s name inspired by?

a. Tim Macartney-Snape
b. Tim Brooke-Taylor
c. Tim Henman


Entries must be received by 15th May and winners will be announced on 30th May.

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