Corsica GR20

Corsica's GR20 is one of the best multi-day treks in Europe

The GR 20 is a long-distance trail that runs roughly north-south along the spine of Corsica. It has been described as ‘Europe’s toughest trek’ and came in at number 8 in Trek & Mountain’s Top 100 Treks poll. The trail is about 180 km long and typically takes around two weeks to complete. The GR20 is clearly waymarked and can be split into two sections: the northern part, from Calenzana to Vizzavona, and the southern part, between Vizzavona and Conca.  

Completing just one section of the route is a popular option, and with its train station, Vizzavona is often used as a starting or finishing point for those taking this option. Most hikers start in the north and finish in the south, though the northern part is considered harder due to its steep and rocky paths. Although the southern section is lower in altitude and the paths are considered to be easier, the temperatures in summer are often higher and can therefore cause their own problems. There are refuges along the route that offer accommodation and food, however wild camping is not allowed and those who take tents must pitch them near one of the refuges (and pay a small fee).


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