Hilleberg announce two new models for 2024 – the Saivo 4 and Rogen 3

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Swedish tent specialists Hilleberg has announced the introduction of two new tent models that will appear in spring 2024. In the all-season Black Label series, the Saivo 4 is described by the company as “the ultimate 4-person base camp expedition dome tent”, and in the Yellow Label series of snow-free (3-season) adventure tents, the Rogen 3 is the first 3-person dome tent in the Yellow Label group, and big brother to the existing Rogen 2 model.


“The Saivo 4 is one of our largest tents, and is essentially a mountain fortress,” says Petra Hilleberg, CEO of the Hilleberg Group and president of Hilleberg the Tentmaker. “It’s also amazingly spacious.” The Saivo 4’s poles’ length creates ample headroom and impressive overall volume, and for storage, it features one roomy standard-sized vestibule and a new, even larger vestibule with an added pole. The inner tent is square-shaped and offers plenty of space for sleeping either lengthwise or crosswise. And despite its being such a large tent with multiple pole crossing points, the continuous pole sleeve and clip system make pitching a straightforward process in any weather, no matter how bad. The Saivo 4’s structure gives it the ability to easily handle heavy snow loads and its outer tent walls go all the way to the ground for protection from sideways wind, rain and snow. “No matter if you’re waiting out the very worst winter storm or enjoying a beautiful sunny day, the Saivo 4 is a spacious and comfortable choice for any group,” says Petra. The current 3-person Saivo, which has long been an outstanding dome tent for expedition and base camp use, will become the Saivo 3, and receives the same new vestibule structure and configuration as the new Saivo 4.

“The Rogen 3 is our roomiest Yellow Label dome tent and is a great lightweight and airy option for the summer and shoulder seasons,” says Petra. The original 2-person Rogen has long been a popular snow-free adventure choice for its strength, light weight, and simplicity. It becomes the Rogen 2 while the new Rogen 3 gives added versatility to the Rogen “family.” These models are quick to pitch, have two roomy vestibules, and are very lightweight: the Rogen 3’s packed weight is an impressive 2.5 kg / 5 lbs 8 oz, only 400 g more than the Rogen 2’s packed weight of 2.1 kg / 4 lbs 10 oz. The Rogen 3 is easily light enough to be used by a pair for extra space and comfort and is still more than strong enough to handle any unexpected rough weather conditions. “Safety has always been important to us, so we build all of our tents with added strength and features so you’re always prepared for the worst conditions within your tent’s Label category performance range,” says Petra. New guy lines on both entrances and on the head and foot ends of the Rogen models add extra stability in less than fine conditions and more ventilation options in warm weather, while large mesh panels on the inner tent doors and curved patterning on the bottom of the outer tent walls provide constant airflow.

Both the Saivo 4 and updated Saivo 3 and the Rogen 3 and updated Rogen 2 will be available in the spring of 2024.

For more information on the Rogen and the Saivo, visit the Hilleberg website at www.hilleberg.com

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