WIN! a Grüezi bag 185 DownWool Subzero sleeping bag worth £340

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Up for grabs is a 3-season sleeping bag from German company, Grüezi bag, which features a very special type of insulation – read on to find out how you can win one!

Award-winning brand Grüezi bag are a highly-respected clothing and equipment brand on the Continent, that has recently become available in the UK. To celebrate, they have offered readers of Trek & Mountain the chance to win one of their 185 DownWool Subzero sleeping bags, a 3-season model that’s ideal for camping adventures during the warmer months. There’s a number of innovations on this sleeping bag, but what really sets it apart is the special insulation it uses – a mixture of natural down and wool that is, naturally, called DownWool. But what exactly are the benefits of this blend of materials, and how does it work?

The wool in DownWool insulation helps to regulate the temperature inside the bag

Natural DownWool
We all know that down is the best insulating material known to man, offering the best warmth/weight ration of any other natural or synthetic material. However, it’s achilles heel is its aversion to damp; with increasing humidity, the fine branching of the down collapses, which considerably reduces the insulating effect of the down. In recent times this ‘downside’ has often been addressed by the use of chemicals to make the down more resilient to moisture and not collapsing when damp. However there is an alternative to using chemicals, and that’s DownWool. DownWool insulation is a blend of 70% high-quality RDS-certified down which provides a high level of insulation, and 30% wool from the alpine region, which acts like a lightweight natural air conditioner. The combination is perfect.

The use of down blended with wool has several important advantages

Nothing insulates as well as high-quality down, and the wool content absorbs any moisture that arises and thus keeps the down naturally drier. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without losing its insulating effect. It is also very good at regulating temperature, and the result is a unique sleeping climate, which means that the temperature range in which you feel comfortable and sleep well in a DownWool sleeping bag is particularly wide. Aside from its use of DownWool, this sleeping bag has a number of other excellent features. It includes a comfortably-cut mummy shape making it light and small in pack size. The pillow compartment is also very practical – simply insert a fleece jacket, for example, and you have a pillow that won’t slip during sleep. Finally, the 185 DownWool Subzero has an innovative zip that allows you to comfortably place your feet on the top of the sleeping bag when it gets too warm.

For a chance of winning this superb prize, just answer the following question:

Which of the following properties does the wool in DownWool NOT have?

A. Absorbs water
B. Reduces smells
C. Goes ‘baa’ in the night
D. Regulates temperature


Entries must be received by 30/06/24 and the winner will be announced 15/07/24. Employees of Trek & Mountain, Gruezi bag and ProAgencies are not permitted to enter. A winner will be picked at random, and the judge’s decision is final.

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