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Unbelievably light two-person backpacking tent

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A two-man tent that weighs only a kilogram? We investigate further...

One of the benefits of lightweight equipment is that it gives you options. For example, with a tent that’s not too onerous to carry you may opt to sleep under canvas on a multi-day hike or trek, rather than stay in refuges, huts or B&B’s. So although you might pay a pretty penny for this type of tent initially, it could easily pay for itself after just a few trips. Especially if there’s two of you!

Which brings us to Easton’s Kilo tent which, as the name suggests, is just 1kg – miniscule for a two-man tent. The use of carbon poles and Easton’s AirLock connectors (which allow the use of very light cord) seem to be where the major weight savings have been made. Can you really get two people inside though? Well, unless you and your pal have been overdoing the pies all summer, then most definitely. Weighing so little, though, you may decide to take the Kilo just for yourself. Pitching the tent is easy and took us less than 10 minutes – a good thing because if it’s raining you’ll want to get it up quickly before the inner gets wet. The guy ropes need a fair bit of adjusting, but once tweaked the Kilo feels stable and solid. Being a three-season tent it’s not going to enjoy galeforce storms exactly, but realistically this tent will mostly see use for backpacking and hiking in the warmer months, and for that it is ideal.

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