Páramo launch recycling scheme

Outdoor enthusiasts can now recycle their old Páramo garments following the launch of the company’s new recycling scheme, an environmentally-friendly way to dispose of unwanted outdoor clothing – and you’ll get a discount on new gear for your efforts!

Regardless of how old or well-used the kit is, Páramo will take back any form of clothing (except underwear) to either recycle into new fabrics or to re-home, minimising the environmental impact of making new clothing.

The outdoor retailer is giving away a £50 discount voucher to anyone who sends in Analogy waterproofs, while a £10 token will be presented to those sending in any other type of garment. Items can be sent for recycling by post or given in by hand at Páramo’s flagship store in Covent Garden – where discount vouchers can also be redeemed if you’d rather not shop online.

Although they are inherently easy to recycle, with no laminates, membranes or taped seams, Páramo garments that are beyond repair will be stripped of components and chemically treated to preserve the material’s quality – which can then be re-used for high quality fabrics once again. For full details of the scheme, click on the link below.


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