The ‘world’s most expensive trek’ returns

The Great Himalaya Trail costs more than £20,000, takes five months to complete, goes on for 1,700km, and is set to depart on 26 February 2018!

Adventure travel specialist World Expeditions remains the only operator to commercially offer the Full Nepal Traverse of the so-called ‘trekking’s holy grail’, which for logistical reasons can only run once a year. A true exploratory experience, it takes in spectacular vistas of all of Nepal’s 8,000m peaks as it crosses trails up to 6,190m above sea level (from Kanchenjunga in the east to Yari Valley in the west), while giving trekkers the opportunity to experience remote cultures in hidden corners of the country.

For those who cannot afford the time (or the money!), its seven smaller stages – from 18-34 days – can also be joined separately:

Stage 1: Kangchenjunga Exploratory (25 days)
Stage 2: Makalu & Everest Traverse via Sherpani Col (34 days)
Stage 3: Everest & Rolwaling Traverse via Tashi Labsta Pass (28 days)
Stage 4: Langtang via Tilman Pass (18 days)
Stage 5: Manaslu & Annapurna (26 days)
Stage 6: Upper Dolpo Traverse (25 days)
Stage 7: Rara Lake & Yari Valley (28 days)

Commenting on the return of the Great Himalaya Trail – which so far has three participants signed up to complete the Full Nepal Traverse in 2018 – Gordon Steer, UK Manager for World Expeditions, said:

“We are proud that our pioneering history in the Himalaya continues with an iconic trek such as the Great Himalaya Trail. Since 2011, we have offered trekkers the chance to walk the entire trail across Nepal, with the backup and support of our experienced, high quality Himalayan operation. An impressive 18 trekkers have undertaken the full traverse with us so far – and many more have joined them on one of the seven smaller stages – and we are looking forward to growing this figure further in 2018.”

The Full Nepal Traverse of the Great Himalaya Trail – the longest and highest alpine walking track in the world once complete – became first available through World Expeditions in 2011. Winding between the largest mountains and remotest communities on the planet, the Great Himalaya Trail will ultimately connect five Asian countries (Bhutan, China, India, Nepal and Pakistan); at the moment only the Nepal section (1,700km) is available to traverse, as it is the only part that has been walked and mapped thoroughly.

The success of the Great Himalaya Trail has inspired World Expeditions to introduce in 2018 an equally ambitious wilderness adventure in another far-flung part of the world: launching in February, the Great Tasmanian Traverse will cross the entire length of Tasmania from north to south, combining iconic experiences such as trekking in pristine World Heritage regions, rafting down Franklin River and flying over the unspoiled West Coast. Similarly to the Great Himalaya Trail, all sections that make up its five-week itinerary will also be available to join separately.

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