Primus launch super-efficient PrimeTech stoves

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Swedish brand Primus have introduced their new PrimeTech Stove Set which they say “offers almost twice the efficiency of regular stoves”.

The PrimeTech 1.3L and 2.3L Stove Sets have been designed to reduce fuel consumption by 50% compared to a standard stove. As well as being better for the environment, the highly efficient burner reduces the amount of gas cartridges that backpackers have to store and carry during their adventures. The PrimeTech’s burner, pans, and gas cartridge all nest inside one another for greater portability.

Available in 1.3L and 2.3L sizes, the PrimeTech Stove Sets are ideal for preparing meals for 1-3 and 2-5 people respectively. The patented burner has an integrated windshield that protects the flame and offers improved fuel economy. A regulated valve provides a consistent power output and improves the performance in cold conditions or when the cartridge is running low.

The set comes with two pots – one regular anodized aluminium pot, and one PrimeTech pot which features an innovative heat exchanger with fins on the outside of the pot that increase surface area for improved heat transfer. A lockable pot gripper can be transferred easily between the pots for safe handling and the set also comes with a Tritan lid with an integrated colander for draining pasta or rice, and a silicone top handle which won’t get warm and can be handled even when the stove is in use.

Both the PrimeTech 1.3L Stove Set and 2.3L Stove Set are supplied with an insulated carry bag. As well as protecting your stove on the go, the insulated carry bag provides a clever solution when cooking with both pots. If desired you can cook pasta and rice in one pot, place it in the insulated bag to stay warm while you get on with cooking the accompaniment.

The PrimeTech Stove Set has won both the Scandinavian Outdoor Group’s Outdoor Award and the ISPO 2017/2018 Award.

Keep an eye out for Trek & Mountain’s review or the PrimeTech in an upcoming issue.

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