Montane relaunch website

New for 2013 is Montane’s brand new website, which has been designed to showcase more of the inspirational photography and achievements of their sponsored athletes, ultra-events and expeditions. The British company, known for its premium lightweight and breathable clothing, has developed improved product and dealer information, making the site easier to use. Montane is very active in supporting expeditions, athletes and ultra-events; from Sir Ranulph Fiennes in Antarctica, to headline sponsorship of the Montane Lakeland 100 and 50, the UK’s biggest ultratrail race, and the website is intended to provide more space to highlight these expeditions and events.

Meanwhile in Antarctica, the Lake Ellsworth Project has come to a end. You’ve may have already seen reports on TV about the problems the team encountered, but one of these wasn’t with their clothing, which Montane! The mission to drill into this subglacial Antarctic lake began well, despite an initial problem of a replacement part to the boiler being needed. But on Christmas Eve all drilling was called to a halt. The team was unable to properly form a water-filled cavity 300m beneath the ice even after having tried for over 20 hours to establish it. This cavity was to link the main borehole with a secondary borehole used to recirculate drilling water back to the surface. Despite the problems Christopher Hill, Programme Manager for the Project still had time to praise the clothing they were provided with; ‘The subglacial Lake Ellsworth team were really impressed with the Montane clothing that was used on the exploration. In particular, the Resolute Smock and the Flux Jacket became staple items of clothing throughout the season.”


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