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LEKI Lenhart GmbH was a spin off from the wood processing plant of Karl Lenhart created in Dettingen under Teck in 1948, which produced the wooden letters for lettering used by bakeries and butchers.

LEKI’s unique development started as a result of the founders’ personal dissatisfaction with the ski poles on the market at the time. Karl Lenhart was an avid skier himself, but was less than impressed by the quality and functionality of the ski poles of the time.  He used his own machine park to manufacture grips and baskets for skiing poles. These went into mass production in the 60s. In the meantime Lenhart was growing ever familiar with aluminium and composite processing on account of his aircraft manufacturing experience. In 1970, he used these raw materials to produce his first ski poles to be sold under the LEKI brand.  LEKI stands for the owners and the company headquarters, i.e. Lenhart in Kirchheim.

LEKI invented trekking poles back in 1974, today it’s difficult to think of outdoor life without them. All products are developed and designed together in Kirchheim/Teck, Germany and Tachov, Czech Republic. Poles are manufactured following modern and environmentally friendly processes in LEKI’s own production facility in the Czech Republic.

LEKI seeks to offer the ultimate, highest-performing products with passion and a highly qualified, long-term, and experienced workforce. It operates under one strategic mandate: to combine safety and comfort with attractive design.  LEKI works with leading athletes ensuring smart, well-designed products, which customers can consistently enjoy and rely upon for years. With over 250 patents, LEKI has introduced more innovations and filed more patents than any other manufacturer in the outdoor and ski industries.

Today, LEKI Lenhart GmbH is broadly recognised as the absolute world leader in pole and glove systems.  LEKI is proud to support the Delancey British Alpine Squad and a number of other leading lights in the world of outdoor sports including Greg Boswell.

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