Wild Country recall climbing gear

Wild Country RESIZED
Rock climbing gear manufacturers Wild Country have issued a voluntary recall notice for some of their climbing nuts, following a failed strength test on certain units.

Climbers have been asked to return any Wild Classic Rocks and Anodised Rocks purchased within the last three years.

A spokesperson for Wild Country explained: “Following the testing of over 17,000 Rocks we found some units that did not achieve their rated strength. In some cases the failure load was below 7kN, a peak load that can be realistically achieved during a fall. The problems that we found were most apparent in Classic Rocks batch JBE. However, we cannot guarantee that other batches and Anodised Rocks are not also affected and therefore have taken the decision to recall all units with the identified batches.’’

Instructions for how to identify faults and return units with batch codes; AG AH BII and JBE purchased from January 2010 onwards can be found on the Wild Country website.


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