Elbrus ’13 – The Movie

If you want to know what it’s like coming on a Trek & Mountain Expedition – or what it takes to climb Europe’s highest peak, for that matter – check out the film we shot on our Reader Expedition to Mt Elbrus last year.

The film, sponsored by Berghaus, follows our team of intrepid readers as they travel out to Russia before jumping in 4x4s to drive to the remote base camp on the north side of the mountain. From there they ascend first to the high hut and finally onto Lenz Rocks where they camp in freezing temperatures in preparation for their summit bid the next day.

Follow the team’s highs and lows as they attempt to tick off one of the Seven Summits, and complete the challenging traverse of the mountain from north to south. Special thanks to Berghaus for supplying such great gear for the team – for more on their mountaineering range, go to www.berghaus.com




  1. An excellent film, thanks T&M. It brought back fond memories of my trip to Elbrus in 2012 with Sasha and Adventure Alternatives. Our group also hit poor weather conditions as we reached the saddle and had to turn back just shy of the summit. It was a fantastic experience nevertheless and a few of us are heading back there this summer for a second attempt. Thanks again and keep them coming, Mark.

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