Force Ten launches Demo Centre scheme

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Tents can be one of the biggest (and hardest) purchases for trekkers and mountaineers, so it’s a welcome move that Force Ten have announced their new Tent Demo Centre programme, in which users can ‘try before they buy’ via selected retailers.

Force Ten’s range of tents aims to cover four categories: lightweight, trekking, expedition and alpine – something for everyone then, and the new his scheme allows outdoor enthusiasts to pitch the tents in the elements, allowing them to find a product that best meets their requirements.

For a small rental fee (roughly 8% to 12% of the retail price according to Force Ten), the tents can be taken out and tested over three days. This rental cost can then be cashed in towards the purchase of the tent upon return.

“We know that buying a tent can be a serious investment and often reviews and recommendations aren’t enough to go on, so we wanted to give our customers the opportunity to test our tents before committing to the one that’s perfect for them”.

“We hope that consumers old and new will take advantage of this programme, and be able to experience firsthand how our latest models perform. Our collection has grown as we strive to make the most functional and durable products for our end users, so we’re confident there is the perfect model for our customers outdoor experiences.”

~ Rob Birrell, Force Ten’s Marketing Manager

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