MSR WindBoiler hits the stores

MSR, the Seattle-based manufacturer, has released a new award-winning high performance stove designed for minimum weight and maximum efficiency.

Ideal for backpacking or lightweight trekking, the WindBoiler is an all-in-one personal cooking system, much like the Jetboil. This stove won a 2014 OutDoor Industry Award. Constructed with a heat exchanger and radiant burner, the stove delivers heat efficiently, while the enclosed design ensures that the stove performs well regardless of conditions. Cooking efficiency is paramount where weight is concerned, as the more efficient the stove, the less fuel is required. MSR claim that the WindBoiler takes only 2 minutes 45 to boil 0.5L of water with a 12mph wind. Designed with pack-ability in mind, the stove, fuel canister, folding canister stand and PackTowl all fit inside the 1L pot.

The WindBoiler retails for £110.00, available from selected stores.

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