Nikwax demonstrate Hydrophobic Down in lake!

Nikwax sleeping bag

British-based company and a global leader in waterproofing technology, Nikwax, demonstrated their new game-changing Hydrophobic Down this week at their headquarters in East Sussex.

Three things were needed for this demonstration; a Nikwax Hydrophobic Down sleeping bag, a lake and one daring volunteer! On Thursday 6th November Luis Brown, Environmental Consultant at Nikwax, floated in the sleeping bag from one side of the lake to the other. Luis emerged from the sleeping bag warm and (nearly completely) dry, proving that this new technology is extremely effective. The sleeping bag had not lost it’s loft and was still usable after being submerged in the lake.

Down is not a new technology, but has been used as insulation for centuries across the planet. However until very recently, down only provides effective insulation when dry, as it looses loft when soaked in water. As a result, down garments are often not suitable for wet weather conditions, often seen in the UK.

Nikwax Hydrophobic Down greatly increases the range of use for down products, absorbing around 13 times less water than standard processed down. Not only suitable for cold dry conditions, but equally apt for the most changeable and challenging conditions that mountaineers and trekkers can find themselves in.

The science behind Nikwax Hydrophobic Down lies partly behind the encapsulation of each down filament with a flexible Durable Water Repellent finish, created by Nikwax. This reduces absorption of moisture, protecting down from perspiration, condensation and precipitation, whilst also maintaining loft and insulation in cold and damp conditions. This down also demonstrates improved drying times and will withstand repeat washing. Additionally, no extra weight is added to Nikwax Hydrophobic-treated down.

“Taking the ethical route rather than the easy-money road is a difficult decision for some, but minimising our environmental impact was always the way for me. I am proud that Nikwax can solve problems in a sustainable way and we achieve results superior to those offered by competing, less environmentally friendly formulas. It’s a win for the customer and sustainability.” ~ Nick Brown, CEO and Founder of Nikwax

Nikwax have partnered with British down garment specialists, Rab, to deliver the next generation of down products. For more information, please visit: and


  1. As a guide and sales staff member of cotswold Betws royal Oak store I own and ware a hydrophobic down jkt and it certainly does what the label says. A fantastic new innovation and obviously well suited to the British climate.

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