Featured Trek: Mt Elbrus

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Conquer the highest mountain on the European continent next summer with Elbrus specialists Adventure Alternative!

As Russia’s contribution to the Seven Summits, Mount Elbrus is 5642m and is a challenging, yet rewarding climb. Standing between the great masses of Europe and Asia, Mount Elbrus is dynamic both in region and terrain.

We run 11 or 12 days climbs following the more commonly climbed South route or the rarer North route. The latter is deemed a purer mountaineering experience as it is more remote and climbers have to be a lot more self-sufficient. We also offer a traverse route, ascending on the North side and descending on the South. All of our expeditions include several days of acclimatisation hikes in the region, mountain training plus a suitable climbing period to get to the summit. We never outsource our trips so you will join our experienced and professional Russian staff who have been working for our regional office for years.




South Route:
26th May- 2nd June 2016
5th– 15th June 2016
19th-29th June 2016
3rd-13th July 2016
17TH-27th July 2016
7th-17th Aug 2016
Price: £1,395.00

North Route:
21st Aug- 1st Sept 2016
Price: £1,495.00

Mt Elbrus Traverse:
21st Aug- 1st Sept 2016
Price: £1,550.00

More info: www.adventurealternative.com