Video: ‘Mirror Wall’ with Leo Houlding

Mirror Wall documents the latest expedition from world class climber Leo Houlding and his team as they take on the imposing Mirror Wall, a 1200m vertical tower in the polar mountains of Greenland.

The need for adventure resides deep in all of us.

In the case of renowned adventurer Leo Houlding, this has manifested itself in the form of world class expeditions to unclimbed peaks the world over.

‘Mirror Wall’, the debut feature film from Coldhouse Collective, follows Leo approaching his latest expedition with a reconsidered mentality and attitude.

Following the death of his close friend Sean ‘Stanley’ Leary and trying to balance potentially dangerous situations with the responsibilities of parenthood – Leo is left leading a team of determined, talented but ultimately inexperienced young guns up one of the tallest big walls in the world.