WIN! Ice climbing sessions at Vertical Chill

Whether you’re an experienced ice climber, or just looking to take your first steps on the road to becoming one, Vertical Chill is an exhilarating experience for everyone. Offering comprehensive tuition by fully-qualified instructors, both walls also have a great range of the latest ice climbing gear available to demo.

Vertical Chill indoor ice climbing walls are owned by Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports, and can be found in the Manchester and Covent Garden flagship stores. The first Vertical Chill wall was opened in June 2003 inside Ellis Brigham’s flagship Tower House, Covent Garden store. The wall itself is located within a refrigerated unit starting in the basement and going through to the ground floor of the shop, where there are viewing windows that stretch up to ceiling height. Ice is shipped in from Snow Dome complexes to maintain them, and internal temperatures range from -5°C to -12°C, so if you’re planning a trip make sure you’ve got some warm clothes! The Covent Garden ice wall is 8m in height and ranges in steepness from a pleasant slab to a drastic overhang with everything in between; providing a variety of routes to entertain novice and accomplished climbers alike.

The aim of the walls is to provide a realistic test environment for beginners and experienced climbers to learn winter climbing techniques, and hone their skills using new equipment. A variety of different sessions are offered at Vertical Chill walls, from courses for beginners who have never climbed before, intermediate sessions where climbers with some experience can learn new techniques, to advanced sessions for climbers who have a lot of winter climbing experience and want to try out new equipment and advanced techniques.

We are offering five sets of sessions for two people, at either the London or Manchester walls, so if you are one of the lucky winners you can bring a friend along to share the experience. You can expect to spend at least 40 minutes on the wall, after a 10-minute introduction with your instructor which includes health and safety information. For more info go to:

Just answer the following question:

How cold can the temperatures at the Vertical Chill walls get?
A. -1 degree C
B. -5 degree C
C. -12 degree C


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