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A quick follow-up on GSI’s lightweight stainless steel Microlite thermal flask that we’ve now had on the go for around a month.

If you read our first take you’ll know that the flasks aren’t exactly ‘unimaginably light’, but they are appreciably lighter than competitive vacuum bottles thanks mostly to the use of 2mm thick – or 60% thinner than most – stainless steel. Pick it up and it does feel light. How does it work? Pretty well, I’d say. I pre-warmed it with boiling water – always a good move whatever the flask – then added two double espressos and topped it up.

Out in snowy, sub-zero conditions, the gibber-inducing brew stayed hot and inviting for a whole day of bashing over the tops. So around six or seven hours and was still warm enough to bother drinking some two or three hours later. By next morning, it was cold or at least lukewarm. So all good on that front. I also liked the way it worked generally. The sliding button on the lid locks it shut when stowed away, but slide the top one up and press in the lower button and the top flips back.

That means, with practice, and sure hands, you can just about use it one-handed – belay flask anyone? Just as importantly, the thermoplastic spout/lip affair lets you sip in controlled and uneventful way. And the silicone rubber anti-scratch ring on the base meant it sat securely on flat rocks and didn’t, erm, scratch them.

Verdict? The 720 Flip Flask tested isn’t cheap at £35, but it’s lighter than other comparable steel flasks, keeps the contents warm all day even when it’s cold outside, has a neat flip-top opening that doesn’t dribble and holds enough that you can offer some to your mate without going thirsty yourself. Nice and orange too.

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